About Gretchen

I care deeply about stories. They shape how we view ourselves, the world, and others, both in positive and negative ways. I believe that stories have the power to make us the best (and, sadly, worst) version of ourselves; they help us understand other people, cultures, perspectives, and values. They create empathy and passion. Stories can inspire a revolution, or hurt someone’s soul. That’s why representation matters, because all people—no matter your race, religion, gender, sexual or romantic orientation, body shape, body size, ability or disability, mental illness or health—all people deserve to have their stories told and to see themselves reflected in the media we consume.

I write for The Fandomentals (formerly Fandom Following) and am revising my first Sci-Fi novel that I hope to start querying in the New Year.

I will be a panelist at ClexaCon in March 2017, a convention focused on female LGBT representation in media. I will be on panels discussing the ethics of storytelling, queer representation in Steven Universe, and writing with diversity.

I also cohost two podcasts:

  1. Ladies First (formerly Femslash Following), a podcast focused on femslash fandoms, storytelling, and tropes. (Soundcloud, iTunes)
  2. The Fandomentalist, a podcast devoted to general nerdy/geeky media.  (Soundcloud, iTunes)

Both are available on Soundcloud and iTunes via The Fandomentals website. Links are available to both, so head on over if you want to listen.

And why do I do all of this? Because stories matter.

~Gretchen Ellis