Crosspost: The 100 4×02 Review “Heavy Lies the Crown”

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 2 Review, “Heavy Lies the Crown”

“Welcome back to The 100, the show where the worldbuilding makes no sense and previous seasons and characterizations don’t matter. Last week was obnoxious but not as bad as it could have been. Elizabeth and I were even kind of hopeful that maybe we’d get something decent this season. I’m far less hopeful after tonight.

So grab your blood pressure meds because I’m about to dish out some salt.

What Happened

9 days earlier, a radioactive butterfly leads us to a woman partially crucified, while one of her sons kills the other to try and get her to take the chip. Before he can kill himself too, ALIE is destroyed and the son “wakes up’ to what he’s done. His mom dies in his arm and asks him to avenge her (uh, okay lady, your son was the one that killed you, but whatevs). Now Ilian has reasons to want Skaikru dead. That’s right, another manpain arc. Because now that Bellamy is over his, we need something to fill the void.

Next stop Polis for some Kabby sex, which is totes an appropriate time for Kane to bring up her dead husband after he sees The Necklace of Extreme Emotional Significance. It’s ‘foreshadowing’ though, so remember that necklace they never mentioned before as having meaning for her husband that she helped get killed. Kane also feels the need to warn Abby because she is incapable of knowing how delicate a political situation it is in Polis without that reminder.

Meanwhile, outside, Ilian is plotting treason in an open market (at night) with his fellow Trishanakru member. They want to challenge Roan to single combat because they blame Skaikru for the chipping but the coalition protects Skaikru. Since they are making zero effort to hide this treasonous conversation in public, Octavia overhears.

Echo welcomes Roan into his throne room (that he hasn’t been in at all for the past 9 days??) and challenges him on ruling like Lexa did. His mom would be so disappointed in him. But not his granddad Theo, he doesn’t matter any more. Plus he might lose the people’s loyalty (about that loyalty… footage not found).”

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