Crosspost: Steven Bomb 4×15 “That Will Be All”

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“Here we are. The end of the road for Steven Universe‘s latest run of episodes. It’s been a good one. We’ve seen Blue Diamond introduced, Greg kidnapped, the Gems travel through space to a human zoo, Amethysts and an Agate, and the human zoo itself. In the confusion of the pain caused by the Choosening, Greg and Steven tried to slip through the open door leading out of the zoo, only to be caught by an Amethyst guard. Uh oh! What’s going to happen to the Universes?

Bo and Gretchen have fused into Betchen one more time, and we’re here to cover the excellent, emotional conclusion to the latest Steven Bomb. *sniff* We’re Not crying.

Spoilers Through Steven Universe 4×15, “That Will Be All”

“ That Will Be All ”

The episode opens with Steven and Greg dumped into a room full of Earth Amethysts of all shapes and sizes. We also see a couple of differently colored gems in the background, but what’s that? They have our Amethyst captive! This is terrible! All that work to find Greg and they failed now. What’s going to happen to our heroes?”

To find out what happens to the Crystal Gems, read the rest on The Fandomentals.