Get Ready for #EarpWatch on Twitter!

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Season 2 of Wynonna Earp is here!

That’s right, my lovelies. I’m going to be doing a live #EarpWatch this season on Twitter via The Fandomentals Twitter feed. So if you love Wynonna Earp as much as I do—scratch that, that’s a high bar to set. If you love Wynonna Earp, join me for the live tweet at The Fandomentals Twitter at 9pm CST/10pm EST! I’ll be using the hashtag #EarpWatch so you can keep up.

It’s going to be amazing! Also, I may not survive.

(P.S. My apologies for the recent dearth of content. I was swamped with things, then I went on vacation. Now I’m back and will hopefully be posting more regularly)

Image Courtesy of SyFy. Special thanks to Kori for making it!