Crosspost: Light in the Grimdark

I now present you with a call to hope from my editors over at The Fandomentals: “Normally, we at The Fandomentals resolve to keep our site focused on the media we…

Supergirl 2.05 “Crossfire” Review

Supergirl 2.05 Review, “Crossfire” My friend Elizabeth and I tackle last night’s episode of Supergirl ‘ Crossfire ‘, including Alex’s coming out scene (OMG!!!!), Lena’s mother being head of Cadmus,…

Monstress-ly* Good

A Review of Marjorie Liu's and Sana Takeda's Monstress Volume 1 (Issues 1-6)

coverI've been eyeing it for weeks, but I finally picked up Monstress at my local comic book store. Let me tell you's it's worth it. If you like diverse representation, rich art, interesting worldbuilding, Lovecraftian horror, and a healthy dose of the macabre that is. It's a dark world, so beware, but the honest exploration of slavery, war, PTSD, and coping with feeling like a monster on the inside (and actually being one) makes it worthwhile.

*Trigger warnings for a rape threat, death and maiming (including children), cannibalism, gore, and body horror.*

Hello World!

So who am I? I’m the Raconteur, the storyteller. I’m a blogger. I write essays and reviews for The Fandomentals about Steven Universe, Game of Thrones, Supergirl, and The 100, for…