Light in the Grimdark

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I now present you with a call to hope from my editors over at The Fandomentals:

“Normally, we at The Fandomentals resolve to keep our site focused on the media we love to consume like the nerdist horde we are and to leave politics at the door. After all, we’re a media critique destination first and foremost. We want to talk about our undying disdain for what happens on Game of Thrones, or how the soundtrack to Netflix’s Luke Cage added years onto our lives. About how animated, anthropomorphic space rocks love and fight and squabble and fuse together. (We’re talking about Steven Universe if you didn’t get that reference.)

That’s our jam. That’s what we’ve brought to the table since our site first launched. However, in light of recent events (read, the United States presidential election results from November 8) trying to ignore the giant white elephant in the room would be absurd, irresponsible, and almost insulting to our readers.

See, that’s the thing about media. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Media helps to shape our public consciousness. Current events, in turn, help shape our media. It’s a cycle of giving and taking, and right now, current events are taking a lion-sized portion. So yes. This time, Fandom Following is getting political.

Just not in the way you’re thinking.”

Read the rest at The Fandomentals. Trust me, you’ll wish you had.