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Why Do Stories Matter: An Interview With Kat Barrell

Kat Barrell Discusses Clexacon, Fandom, the Power of Storytelling, and Diverse Representation in Media “At The Fandomentals, we’ve got you covered for all the most exciting ClexaCon news. We had…

Monstress-ly* Good

A Review of Marjorie Liu's and Sana Takeda's Monstress Volume 1 (Issues 1-6)

coverI've been eyeing it for weeks, but I finally picked up Monstress at my local comic book store. Let me tell you's it's worth it. If you like diverse representation, rich art, interesting worldbuilding, Lovecraftian horror, and a healthy dose of the macabre that is. It's a dark world, so beware, but the honest exploration of slavery, war, PTSD, and coping with feeling like a monster on the inside (and actually being one) makes it worthwhile.

*Trigger warnings for a rape threat, death and maiming (including children), cannibalism, gore, and body horror.*